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Model:Centrifugal CPG-60/ 100
Description:Centrifugal Finishing Machine
Power:2.2 ~7.5 kw
Capacity:60~220 liters
Size:see details below
Speed:0~180 rpm
PU Thickness:12 mm

Centrifugal Finishing Machine

The rotary disk with four drum bases offset equidistantly in the centrifugal machine orbits around the central main bearing in high speed, It produces powerful centrifugal force while it is turning around; at the same time the four planetary hexagonal drums are driven to spin reversely by the timing belt or nylon gears, making the grinding stones and work-pieces in the drums strongly move and grind or polish each other. The centrifugal grinding machine has a good effect of de-burring, chamfering, polishing and cleaning the work-pieces in a short time; and it can reach a mirror polishing. The inner lining is made of wearable PU produced by US DuPont Company, and it is replaceable. To use the braking motor and the frequency control of motor speed can save electricity by 50%.

The centrifugal grinding machines are grinding and polishing workpieces fast, effectively, of simple, safe and convenient operation with low cost, and of long working life.

Tonzze products of grinding machine are suitable for grinding, de-burring, chamfering and polishing all kinds of metal stamping parts, metal castings, rigid plastic, etc. And the grinding machines are applied into the industries of horologe, eyeglass, lock manufacturing, ornaments & jewellery, electronics, art ware, machinery and hardware, etc.

Here is the data of centrifugal grinding machines

Model  Capacity   (liters)  Size (mm)  Power (kw)  Weight (kg)  Speed (rpm) Drum sizes (mm)  PU Thickness (mm)


 30 1000*1000*1200  1.5 kw  350  0~180  170*100*300  10
 CPG30  30 1000*1000*1200  2.2 kw  500  0~235  200*110*300  10
 CPG60  60 1200*1100*1430  2.2+0.55  600  0~170  210*120*400  10
 CPG80  80 1400*1300*1600  3.7+0.55  1000  0~160  230*130*430  10
 CPG100  100 1500*1500*1800  5.5+0.55  1500  0~185  260*180*440  12
 CPG160  160 1580*1550*1830  5.5+0.55  2100  0~150  286*286*536  12
 CPG220  220 1860*1600*1980  7.5+0.55  2300  0~150  320*320*600  12


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